Copyright Policy

The National IT Academy’s website, including texts (contents), software, designs and other materials is under the protection of the intellectual property systemand the related executive regulations.

Where the users of the National IT Academy website must be aware and follow the Academy's policy regarding copyright under the intellectual property system and the related executive regulations.


The user must also adhere to the intellectual property system and the related executive regulations in general, but particularly the followings:

1. The published content by the user on the Academy’s website must not violate the intellectual property system and the rules of publication, includes but not limited to - the following:

Published scientific Research and journals.-

Books and literature in electronic formats-

- Any kind of material that has copyrights and is not owned by the user.

2. This policy allows only personal and non-profituse of the National IT Academy’s content (posted information). In which the user needs to reference the source of that content and information.

3. In the case of personal use, any parts of the content can be printed for one time only.

4. The user should not publish any content on the National IT Academy website that might violate the copyrights of other websites, as the user will bear the consequences of this action.

5. It is not permissible to sell, rent, modify and reproduced, or create derivative works from any materials or content owned by this website to the public or for commercial purposes.


The National IT Academy emphasizes the necessity of adhering to the intellectual property rights of publishing images, logos, and texts that belong to the NITA website by following the publishing policies of the National IT Academy. Therefore, The Academy prohibits copying or quoting, and uploading any images, logos, or texts on the website without indicating the source, as well as any breach of the limits personal use. The violator will bear all responsibilities upon that.