AI Practitioner Diploma

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner Diploma Program supported by HRDF and in partnership with Aramco Digital (AD) and its partners, is designed to provide training to Saudi high school graduates and provide them with sustainable jobs. The program provides participants with academic and job skills training to ensure that they have the skills necessary to be successful in their future jobs. Aramco Digital and its partners work on turbocharging the national digital ecosystem, and spearheading AI and Digital innovation globally, which will empower the program graduates to have a lasting impact in the kingdom’s economy.

The AI Practitioner Diploma is a full-time degree with a duration of 2 years. AI is a broad field for retrieving information from data in different ways in the discipline of techniques, procedures, and structures. This diploma gives students all the intellectual and technological know-how required in the analytical industry for the ultimate role. Given that of the fast growth of AI in today's technology-driven world, AI technology provides unique insights for science, business, and social good. AI majors learn to be skilled in quantitative analysts and enjoy making sense out of AI, data and presenting useful information in ways that others can understand.


Registration Requirements:

- Saudi National

- High school graduates

- Unemployed (not registered in GOSI)

- Has never been supported by HRDF

- Minimum high school average of 85

- Minimum QIYAS Qudarat Test score of 75

- Minimum QIYAS Tahseelee Test score of 72

- Not exceeding the age of 22 Hijra years 

In case of meeting the initial requirements, nominated applicants would be scheduled to take the Math (ALEKS) and English (APTIS) tests.


If you are initially nominated for the program, you will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the below processes:

- Attend the personal interview (you will receive the invitation through email)

- Complete the pre-employment medical examination (you will receive the invitation through email)

- Sign the training agreement and have your ID card issued

- Join the program (timing is yet to be determined)


Registration Closed

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