Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been prepared to help the user of National IT Academy website to understand the right of collecting users’ personal information while visiting the Academy’s website and how the academy deals with this information by following the official regulations, rules, and instructions issued in this regard. The goal of collecting this data is to ensure that the user's needs are understood, and the best services are provided accordingly. The data provided by the user will be used after the user’s consent to collect and to use for specific purposes. This data will not be published and shared except with official Saudi government agencies or other parties for specific purposes under the applicable laws, regulations, and policies, and it will not be published or processed by any agencies outside the geographical borders of the Kingdom. In which, the use and processing of this data will be limited to the purpose for which it was collected under authorized control. In addition, the user has the right to withdraw his consent of processing his data at any time.
The Academy has the right to amend some terms and conditions of the confidentiality policy and the privacy of information if necessary, where the user will be notified consequently if they are changed or updated. National IT Academy has the right to take the necessary actions that deem appropriate to protect against any loss or misuse of the electronic portal.