Digital Transformation Webinar

Over the four days, online participants will develop and solidify their personal knowledge of being an agile leader, with a focus on change management and customer journeys, delivered through instruction and team-based exercises. They will explore case studies from global businesses, the full breadth of a leader’s responsibilities in delivering transformation from an agile leadership perspective. Metrics will be identified to enable them to track the creation of value and the successful delivery of their organization’s plan for the future, with a focus on the future of work.

Learning Outcomes:

During the virtual training, participants will:

  • Discover what makes an agile ‘digital’ leader and consider strategies for developing their own skills and effectiveness
  • Map their own digital practice and explore how that influences the way they currently work, collaborate and communicate
  • Reflect on the digital capabilities framework and similar tools and how they may be used to support and plan a digital change programme
  • Map their organization’s digital environment and identify opportunities to make improvements
  • Create an action plan for becoming a more effective digital organization
  • Explore how to review, understand and overcome obstacles that prevent changes in practice and strategy
  • Assess the impact of digitally enabled change at strategic and operational levels across their organization
  • Learn how to use the processes and support tools from the programme to engage with staff and customers in their own organization
  • Learn why most initiatives fail, despite huge investment and effort
  • Create structures and an ecosystem that support advancement
  • Discover how to work fewer hours and reduce anxiety – whilst achieving better results

Target Audience:

All professionals interested in Digital Transformation