Attendance Policy

- All trainees must comply to attend and participate in both regular and virtual (online) classes, to get the most benefit from the educational & training programs with preferred outcomes.

- Trainees must attend at least 75% of the classes, and if the trainee exceeds the allowed percentage of absence during the training program (both in regular and virtual-online classes ), this may lead to eliminating from the training program or depriving of entering the final exam (if any).

- Whereas the measurement of the virtual attendance (online courses) is equivalent to the in-class courses, and the minimum hours of the virtual attendance (online courses) shouldn’t be less than 25% of the total course hours.

- The online courses will, at a minimum, have weekly mechanismsto measure the trainee participation and attendance which can be documented by any or all the following methods:

  • Completion of quizzes (if any).
  • Attend Discussion forums.
  • Submission/completion of assignments.
  • Communication with the instructor.

- The allowed maximum number of trainees in online courses is 35 trainees, and the number could increase by 25% based on:

  • Type of the course
  • The number of activities and interactions in the online courses.
  • The trainer's ability and expertise in providing online courses.

We pledge to use E-learning systems (such as The Blackboard) that support different types of devices with various operating systems and compatible with all device screens, including tablets and smartphones.